She mnow she bad as hell! SEXCII FOR REALS!! (All props go to Inked magazine)

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So fuckin sexy! I want kne of these too…

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I’m listening to “Everytime We Touch (Radio Mix)” by Cascada (on Gigi D’Agostino & More). Listen here:

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Now that’s a wild girl tattoo

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Got More Milk ?

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Nadia Aboulhosn 2012 Olympian Gold Medalist (Taken with Instagram)

FAKER. This woman is NOT a gold medalist. She is just trying to get you to follow her blog. Not cool. FAKER FAKER FAKER FAKER  Anyone lying about winning gold like this makes me ill. Getting a medal (or even competing at that level!) takes extreme dedication and her lying is disgusting.

BUAHAHAHAHHAHA OMG! IM DEAD! CHICK REALLY TOOK THIS TO HEART. AN ANONYMOUS PERSON WROTE THIS BROAD BACK BEFORE I EVEN COULD WHICH  MAKES ME LOVE MY FANS EVEN MORE. TO THE PERSON WHO WROTE THIS PERSON SAYING I WAS JOKING…PLEASE CONTACT ME SO I CAN MAKE YOU MY BEST FRIEND!!! hahaha by the way…i dont need anymore following, as you can see i have enough…and also, i dont need to convince anyone to follow me, they do it because im relevant. you clearly dont have a sense of humor. now get off my tumblr and stop sucking me.

I hope Nyx isn’t your real name, because clearly with your intelligence you don’t deserve it.

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I would want this in my yeard

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